Hi Point Winners



2016 Hi Point & Reserve Winners and APHA Western Canadian Championship Winners

All Photographs taken by Charbonneau Photography

Copyright protected, no reproduction or use without permission from Charbonneau Photography


2016 Zone 10 APHA Class Circuit Winner and Sponsor list (click to view)

Overall Class Results (Show #1 - Judges A, B & C)

Overall Class Results (Show #2 - Judges D, E & F)


Youth Walk Trot - Sponsors - Expert HVAC Solutions

2016 Pictures Hi Point Youth WT smaller   2016 Pictures Reserve Youth WT smaller 

Hi Point - Kaydee Kallay and Luv Ya Chu
Reserve - Ashley Janousek and Dynamic Girl Friday


Youth 13 & Under - Sponsor - Schultz Farms

2016 Pictures Hi Point 13 Under smaller    2016 Pictures Reserve 13 Under smaller

Hi Point - Mya Benoit and Whiskey N Chips Rtuf
Reserve - Romy Malcolm and You Bet Im Invited


Youth 14 to 18 - Sponsor Janene Moch/MNP LLP

2016 Pictures Hi Point 14 to 18 smaller    2016 Pictures Reserve 14 to 18 smaller


Hi Point - Cassidy Boxall and Aneasterpaintedzippo
Reserve:  Megan Schmidt and Luckydiamonddandyandy


Amateur Walk Trot - Sponsor The New Tallent

2016 Pictures Hi Point AM WT smaller    2016 Pictures Reserve AM WT smaller

Hi Point - Laura Bouchard and Only for the Boys
Reserve - Brittany Campbell and FF Just N Time


Novice Amateur - Sponsor KIK Services Sawdust Sales

2016 Pictures Reserve Amateur smaller2016 Pictures Hi Point Novice Amateur smaller

Hi Point - Loni Waldner and Chips Black Tye
Reserve -


Amateur - Sponsor Poier Performance Horses

2016 Pictures Hi Point Amateur smaller   2016 Pictures Reserve Amateur smaller

Hi Point - Stefanie Tetz showing Jacks Little Bear
Reserve - Emma Lee Schellenberg and If I Do Say So Myself


Junior Horse - Sponsor Pipestone Paints

2016 Pictures Hi Point Junior Horse smaller   2016 Pictures Reserve Junior Horse smaller

Hi Point -  Be Watching For Me and Kathy Donnelly
Reserve -  PP Shez Invited In and Sandra Johannson


Senior Horse - Marcel and Elma Rupert

2016 Pictures Hi Point Senior Horse smaller   2016 Pictures Reserve Senior Horse smaller

Hi Point - Jacks Little Bear and Stef Tetz
Reserve - Aneasterpaintedzippo and Cassidy Boxall


Solid Paint Bred - Sponsor the CMPHH Crew

2016 Pictures Hi Point SPB smaller   2016 Pictures Reserve SPB smaller
Hi Point - Cutie in Booties and Dawn Marie Thevenaz
Reserve - Peppys Little Chic and Bonnie Quance


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2016 Pictures CC 14 to 18 HUS   2016 Pictures CC 14 to 18 Sship   2016 Pictures CC Aged Halter Geldings smaller   2016 Pictures CC AM Halter Geldings   2016 Pictures CC AM Halter Mares smaller


2016 Pictures CC AM Sship   2016 Pictures CC AM WT Hship   2016 Pictures CC AM WT WP   2016 Pictures CC Colour Class smaller   2016 Pictures CC NA HUS


2016 Pictures CC Open Aged Halter Mares   2016 Pictures CC Yearling Longeline   2016 Pictures CC Yearling SPB TIH   2016 Pictures CC Yearling TIH   2016 Pictures CC Youth Halter Geldings

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